Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A need for 2014

A letter I wrote to a pastor friend:

Dear _______________

You asked how we have arrived at the state of relativism, hedonism, and universalism.   What brought  America and the west to a point of believing and living as if there is no absolute truth.  After some thought and prayer here is my answer:

In the early twentieth century there arose liberalism which came out of the progressive movement.  Their goals were honorable and worthy.  For example, the promoted a social gospel.  Who could argue with helping the poor just as Jesus did?  Who could question seeking the truth of the Bible?  What was wrong with attempting to learn the nuances of right and wrong?

The problem is that the social gospel began to replace the personal gospel.  Seeking the truth led to skepticism and doubt of the reliability of the scriptures.  Seeking a less rigid and honest  morality led to thinking that anything goes as long as you are sincere and don't hurt anyone.

A kind of new holy trinity has developed.  The false gods of relativism, skepticism, and universalism have replaced the God of the Bible.  Out of that comes what I call, "tolerationism"(which means you must accept what I do and believe but I don't accept what you do and believe).  

I think that the problem of doubting the truthfulness of  the scriptures will not go away.  It is like letting the genie out of the bottle.  Nothing short of a mighty move of God can overcome what we have become.  And revival is possible!  That event is my prayer for 2014.

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