Monday, April 7, 2014

Noah and God

I have been off line for a while and I have a lot of catching up to do.

It is spring and Easter is coming.  The theme of death, burial, and resurrection is powerful and can be seen everywhere.  I recently attended two very good movies:  The first one was Noah.  As with most biblical films this one deviated from the truth.  But the law of death, burial, and resurrection came through powerfully.  Humans sinned (even Noah) and the penalty was death.  The whole world was wiped out and (according to the screenwriter)  Noah wanted his family to die out as well.  And so the world was buried and through an Abraham offering up Issac type moment Noah's family almost died too.  But the Noah family survived as a type of resurrection.  The flood subsided, land appeared, and a beautiful rainbow completed the picture of new life and with it hope.  As distorted as it was, Noah reminded me of God's ability to bring new life out of a very sinful situation.

The second film was God's Not Dead.   It this movie several characters are dealing with extremely difficult problems, one life-threatening.  All the various story-lines come together beautifully as despair, doubt, dejection, and defeat give way to victory demonstrating that God is indeed not dead, but very much alive.  It was interesting to see people making free choices while God worked everything toward drawing them to Himself.  The main character of the movie was pitted against an atheistic philosophy professor in trying to demonstrate that God is alive.  The young man's arguments were good but the reality of God came through in His working in people's lives.  The best proof for the resurrection is what this risen Christ does in individual lives.

It might be time for some of us to put some things in our lives to death, bury them, and then let God breath His resurrection life into our lives.