Tuesday, February 26, 2013

doing without

We had a major catastrophe at our church last week!  Our projector broke down.  I had to lead our Wednesday night Bible study without power point.   And on  Sunday we had to sing from our hymnals instead of  from the screen.   It is amazing that the Lord showed up anyway.  We had two very good services and did not seem to miss the technology.

It is interesting to me that churches(and people) start to depend on things that really aren't that important in the overall scheme of things.  Technology is great and it can be used to reach people for Christ but we do not worship it.  We worship the Lord Jesus Christ who must be present for a church to really attract people.  The gospel got along just fine before computers, projectors, the internet, pianos, organs, hymnals, pews, pulpits, and even the printing press.  It is good to have the  latest stuff in proclaiming the gospel but we should remember that the Spirit and the Word operate in a different realm.  God is what counts.  We absolutely need Him!