Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Security of God

Read Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is one of my favorites and I often claim it for myself.  Our security, whether spiritual, physical, or emotional comes from God.  The person and work of God's Son, Jesus Christ promises those of us who trust Him protection from ultimate harm.  This Psalm answers three critical questions about our security.

The first question is, "Who?"
That is the most important one, because someone can promise security but may not have the willingness or ability to carry it out.  The One promising our security is "The Most High" or the God above all Gods.  He is "Almighty" which means that God intervenes with saving power when our strength is gone.  Think here of the death of Jesus for our sins and his subsequent resurrection for our life.  He is "LORD" which tells us that He is our promising God, the One who loves us and has and always will exist.  He is "God" which, in the Hebrew is a plural word reminding us of His three-fold nature as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Second question is, "What?
He brings us protection from the "fowler" or trapper which represents human-made destruction.  We have security from "pestilence" which is illness.  We are free from "fear".  He brings us protection from "destruction" which stands for natural disasters.  Vs. 13 reminds us that even the Devil himself cannot ultimately harm us.  Notice that the Psalmist makes these claims while he must realize that  destruction and disaster are all around.  We cannot know why some apparently bad things happen to us but we ought to base our faith and our prayers on what God promises us and leave the results up to Him.

Question three is,  "How?"
"His Faithfulness is a shield and bulwark."  We can depend on the truth that the LORD is true to His word.  His faithfulness reminds us of God's perfect and unchanging character.  We can find shelter under His wings.  His angels also keep us from all sorts of disasters and difficulties.  We are then called to have faith in who God is and what He promises to us.  Our faith is expressed in our testimony(vs. 2), our rest in Him(vs. 9), our love for Him(vs. 14), and our calling on Him(vs. 15).

Actually all we have that is good is found in Him.  The Apostle Paul talks often about all the blessings that come to the one that is "in Christ".  The life comes those of us who are living in Christ is forever and we will see His salvation(vs. 16).  Just like creation, God's security is clearly visible--only now it is by faith.

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