Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hooray for Jesus

We seem to be living in more and more in a narcissistic society.  A good example of the "it's all about me'
generation we are experiencing is the applause people are now giving to themselves.  You see it with guests on TV shows, athletes, celebrities and politicians all clapping for themselves when introduced or saying or doing something significant.  Now everyone enjoys being praised but in past times the recipient would acknowledge the applause graciously or with a "who me?" attitude.  There are examples in the Bible where someone was regarded as a god and often paid the price for such folly and pride.  The good examples are of those like the angel who told John in Revelation not to bow down to him for he said that he was a creature just like John.

Those of us who pour the praise on others without pointing out God's role in it all are  helping the push for a 'ME" society.  It seems to be all about human accomplishment with little or no glory going to our Creator.  A better attitude is found in a very flawed man named David.  He looked up into the vast sea of stares in the mighty universe and said, "what is man that Thou takest thought of Him?" Why should God even care about us--especially since we seem to not care about Him.  David was a flawed man but he had a heart for God.  And when the Messiah came he would be called, "the Son of David"  which was quite an honor.  This Son of David was the Son of God--He was Jesus and yet, even he said, 'I can do nothing on my own but only what I see the Father doing.

It turns out that God is a self-giving person.  And since we are made in his image we are called to be selfless.

And by the way, have you noticed that Cheerleaders don't lead cheers anymore(in High School anyway).  They call attention to themselves and they cheer.  Rarely do they actually lead a cheer!  I turns out that the real cheer leaders are the one who we are supposed to be cheering for.  You can see them on the field or court waving their arms imploring the fans to cheer them.

All I can say is, "Hooray for Jesus!"

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