Tuesday, January 15, 2013

He's Got the Whole World

note:  Thirteen times in the Old Testament there is a phrase mentioning "creeping things."  Apparently, there is a debate as to whether these "creeping things" are insects or small mammals like squirrels or mice.  The NLT describes them as animals that "scurry along the ground."  I'll take that one.

I'm driving along in my car and a cute little animal with a furry tail darts into the middle of the road just in front of me.  He/she makes an amazingly quick move one way, then another and disappears to one side of the the road.  I sit out on my deck and watch these same creatures frolicking in the trees.  Two squirrels chasing one another, first one way then the other.  They seem to switch directions so fast and seem to be either incredibly stupid or stupidly daring as they scurry on the road in front of speeding cars and chase each other on tree branches.

God made the squirrels.

God made squirrels and mentions that fact six times in the first 8 chapters of Genesis.

God makes lots of things and He made the squirrels.

Sometimes a life can turn on a dime.  I have had a wreak while scurrying to work.  I have injured a limb while scurrying on the racquetball court.  I have scurried my  way to bad decisions which have turned out to be exactly what God did not want to do.

God made the squirrels and He made me.

He made us all and there must be a purpose for everything.  The Lord has a plan for the squirrel and He has a plan for you and for me.

God made me and He is lovingly able to take my bad decisions and use them to accomplish His purpose.

And He made the squirrels.  I don't know why------------but He does.

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