Wednesday, January 30, 2013

compromise on abortion

They say that politics is the art of compromise.  If so, how do you compromise on issues that seem so black and white?  Abortion rights is one of those issues that has very little room to give.  The only uncertainties that I can see are in the early days after conception.  When a woman's egg is fertilized it becomes a zygote and travels to the uterus where it becomes a Blastocyst and attaches to the uterus.  After about 3 weeks the blastocyst has become an embryo and the baby has the beginnings of all his or her organs, systems, and brain activity,   So we know there is human life after about 3 weeks but can differ about what point prior to becoming an embryo human life exists.  There is some room for compromise during that 3 week time of early pregnancy,

Is there compromise for cases where you know the child will be severely handicapped?   We all know children with Downs Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and other severe cases of birth defects who were permitted to live and had much to give to those who loved them.  Just because a child will not be "normal" should not disqualify that person from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Who are we to say that this child of God should not be born?  Though I am against allowing abortion for reasons of severe handicap, I might compromise on the issue if I felt such an exception would result in more stringent laws preventing the vast majority of abortions.

There is also the issue pregnancy as a result of rape or incest.  Tragic as those events are it must be recognized that such babies are lives also.  They deserve to live.  But again, I might be willing to compromise and allow abortion for cases of rape or incest if I could get all other abortions outlawed.  Abortion for rape, incest, or severe handicap is only less than 5% of all procedures done.

Lets get busy and do what we can to limit all abortions and outlaw some. 

These battles are fought on political fronts and political tactics must be used.  We must make some compromises in order to keep public opinion on our side.  We may never get back to the pre-1972 years but we can save thousands of lives.  It is already happening.  Time Magazine recently had a cover story that talked about all the small victories the pro-life forces are having.  Pro-choice is on the run!  The right to choose abortion is a terrible thing.  What choice does the unborn baby have?  We have the high moral ground.  Lets win some battles that will eventually lead to the end of the war.  But we will have to make some compromises along the way.  And we may never get all we want.  But many babies will be spared murder.

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