Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Week: Wednesday

Wednesday: Leaders plot Jesus’ death.  Mk. 14:1,2, Mt. 26:6-13, Lk. 22:1,2

It is a tragic truth of life that so many want to please people but they put God to death.  They feel a need to put any thought of God and accountability to Him out of their minds yet they want humans to think well of them.  The desire to be loved is powerful!  Ironically, God loves us far more than any person ever could.  Instead of looking for a way to kill Jesus, let us receive His wonderful love and forgiveness which are available even while we have our backs turned away from Him.

The Anointing at Bethany.  Mk. 14:3-9, Mt. 26:1-5, Jn.  12:2-8

God has given us more love than we need.  Our proper response to His love is to love Him back.  It may seem wasteful to others but when we pour out love to Jesus, our lives can better serve Him.  It is through worship that we express our love to Him.  True worship is both private and public.  Lovers express their love for each other in an intimacy that is personal and private.  They also want others to know how special their “significant other” is to them.  Husbands say “I love you” to their wives in front of others.  Wives tell their friends how much they love their husband.  So too, we will want times of close personal intimacy with our Lord as well as times when we pour out our love to God in front of and with others.   To outsiders this may seem to be a waste of time and money but to us it is the most important thing we can do.  We must love the one we love! 

Helping the poor and performing other acts of service come out from those times of worship with Jesus.  In these times, service becomes worship as well.  The great commandment is to love God, and then we can and will love others.

Judas bargains with the rulers.   Mk.  14:10,11, Mt. 26:14-16, Lk. 22:3-6

The opposite of loving God is loving anything or anyone more than Him.  We must be honest with ourselves here.  Is money, power, popularity, fame, pleasure, or another person more important to you than our Lord?   Judas didn’t hate Jesus; he just loved something else more.  Those who do not take the first commandment and the great commandment seriously are

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