Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Week: Tuesday

Tuesday:  The Barren fig tree.  Mk. 11:19-25, Mt. 21:19-22, Lk. 21:37, 38

Jesus expects His people to bear fruit.  Don’t worry about the poor fig tree!  The point is that it did not have any fruit.  We may have all sorts of reasons as to why there is no spiritual fruit in our lives.  God doesn’t want excuses; He wants fruit!

Jesus’ authority challenged.  Mk. 11:27-12:12, Mt. 21:23-22:14, Lk. 20:1-19

We will bear fruit when we keep Jesus the center of our worship and witness.  The religious leaders rejected Jesus and so, like the barren fig tree, they would be cursed.  The Kingdom opportunity has been passed on to us.  What are you going to do with the King?

The Church has become the new Israel.  We are God’s chosen people.  What a privilege!  What a responsibility!  We are always in danger on institutionalizing our faith rather than personalizing it.  We worship King Jesus.  His character (fruit) is expressed in and through us when we surrender to Him as Lord.

The attempt to trap Jesus.  Mk.  12:13-17, Mt.  22:15-22, Lk. 20:6

While our primary allegiance is to God, we are to be good citizens of our earthly country.  It is easy to let legalism and theological nit-picking keep us from our focus on Christ.

Question about the resurrection.  Mk. 12:18-27, Mt.  22:23-33, Lk.  20:27-40

You can always find absurd reasons to doubt the truths of God.  You must settle the fact of the resurrection in your own mind and heart for it is the basis for all we believe.  Study the scriptures and ask the Lord to give you an experience of His power.  God is the God of the living!  The Bible teaches it and His power displays it.

The greatest commandment.  Mk. 12:28-34, Mt. 22:34-40

If we will love God, we will love others and we will bear fruit and keep our focus on Him and experience His resurrection power.

The Messiah’s descent from David.  Mk.  12:35-37, Mt. 22:41-46, Lk. 20:41-44

While He is descended from David, Jesus was and is before David.  He is the “I AM.”

Jesus blasts the religious leaders.  Mk. 12:38-40, Mt. 23:1-39, Lk. 20:45-47

Is there hypocrisy in your life? Are you sincere in your faith?  Do you walk the walk?
The widow’s mite.  Mk.  12:41-44, Lk. 21:1-4

God does not need our money.  He wants us to give to Him in order to show Him and us where our heart really is.  When we trust Him, we will not give him only what is left over.

The second coming. Mk. 13:1-37, Mt. 24, 25, Lk. 21:5-36

Jesus is coming again.  Are you ready?  We can take comfort in the fact that no matter how bad things get, God is in charge.  He will have the last word!  These words of Jesus, known as “The little apocalypse”, make no reference to a rapture.  Be very careful to not be left holding your charts when things happen that you did not expect.  The lesson to learn is that Jesus is coming and He will set things right.  We have nothing to fear.

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