Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Citizenship in Heaven

Pastor’s Heart

This month we are celebrating America’s Birthday.  A lot of people think that the USA is in trouble and on decline.  They point to the economic woes, the corruption in government, the moral decay, and many other reasons that indicate we have seen our best days.  It may be for me, wishful thinking, but I do not agree.  I certainly see all the negative things going on, especially the moral decline, but I still think we are a good nation that God will still bless.

If I am wrong and the doomsayers are right, it’s OK.  Of course, I hate it for my children and grandchildren but my citizenship is not in this world.  Believers in Christ are citizens of Heaven(Philippians 3:20).   I am glad and proud to be an American but my hope and destiny is in a more lasting Kingdom(see Hebrews 11:8-16).  Abraham looked forward to a city with eternal foundations whose builder and maker was God.  And because He longed for a heavenly homeland, and lived as a nomad on earth, God is not ashamed to be called his God.

Wherever Abraham went he tried to make his world a better place.  But He knew where is really belonged and never gave up on it.  If the USA and all of the west should suffer decline the church will still be here and Jesus will still be the King of Kings.  I want to be the best American I can be.  I love my country.  But I belong to Jesus Christ and my ultimate allegiance is to Him and His Kingdom,  It only would have taken 10 righteous people in Sodom from being destroyed.  I believe that  we have enough righteous people to keep us safe.

If we are diligent to do what we can for “American we can do, our grandkids will enjoy a wonderful nation.  May it be.  Let it be. Dear God, let it be.

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