Monday, May 7, 2012

Let the Church Be the Church!

I have had the privilege of teaching a Wednesday night class at a local Church on the book of Ephesians.  I have learned a lot (as one usually does when teaching) about this letter by the Apostle Paul dealing with the Church.  It is so easy to take promises from the Bible as personal--and most of them are.  But Ephesians is for us more than it is for me,  There is not question that God wants to do amazing things in my life and in your but He is going to accomplish most of what He does through humans with the church.

We are described in Ephesians as a body, a building and a bride.  These are great metaphors but really more than that.   We are (not are like) a body--the body of Christ.   As such we need to work with each other under the headship of Christ.  We are building--the temple of the Lord.  We are God's house--living stones that need to be shaped to fit together with Jesus being the Cornerstone.  We are the bride of Christ.  We must all be committed to allowing Jesus to cherish us and sanctify us that He may present to Himself the church, holy and blameless, in all her glory without spot or wrinkle.


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