Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Starting on Sunday, April first I will be posting a blog each day of Holy Week  Some of you may have already read the tracks in past years.  Perhaps they can speak to you in a new and fresh way.
 This devotion guide is meant to help you experience God through the life of Christ from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.  Each day, starting with the first Sunday, you may read in the scriptures the events of Jesus’ life.  The events in the Bible passages mentioned are generally considered to have occurred on the days of the week I have listed.  The chronology, however, is not the important point.  I hope that you will find in each scripture reference the comfort, challenge, or inspiration that the Holy Spirit wants you to have.   I hope that the devotional thoughts I have written will help enlighten your understanding of Christ and His Word.

You are encouraged to use these devotionals as you have time and as the Lord leads you.  The scriptures listed for each day come from the four gospels.   Many of the passages are repetitive from one gospel to another.  I recommend that you read at least one of the accounts for each day as a minimum.  If time permits, it would be helpful to read all of the references.  My thoughts for each day are based on the scriptures.  I hope you will read them and find strength in them but the most important thing is to prayerfully read the scriptures.  If time allows, read my thoughts and add your own as you listen for God’s voice in your quiet time.

The gospel references are abbreviated as follows:  Mk. (Mark), Mt. (Matthew), Lk. (Luke), Jn. (John).  I have listed Mark first on each list because this gospel was the first one written and Matthew and Luke often borrow from it.   The Synoptic Gospels (Mk., Mt., & Lk.) contain some events that John’s Gospel does not and vice-versa.  Therefore, where a reference is listed from John I recommend that you read it as well as at least one passage from a Synoptic Gospel.

Again let me encourage you to use this guide in whatever way God leads.  I hope that you will get as much out of reading this devotional as I have in writing it.  May the once-crucified but now risen-Lord Jesus bless you as you go through this Holy Week season.

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