Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Blame Game

I've noticed that most polititans are blaming the other side for the financial crisis we are in.  Usually its just politics but I have the sad feeling that, in this situation each side really believes it is right.  No one is willing to take responsiblity for the mess we have.  This problem is nothing new--it started with the very first man and woman, Adam and Eve.  When they ate the forbiden fruit and lost their inocense they each played the blame game.  Adam blamed Eve and God(for giving him Eve).   Eve blamed the serpent who talked her into it.  I think they actually believed it was not their fault.

When sin is not your fault, you don't have ask for forgiveness. But then, of course you don't get forgiven!.  Most of us can't see our faults. We can see others' sins just fine, but not our own.  Such blindness might make us feel better, but it will never change us.  I have noticed that even many Christians have blind spots.  (Didn't Jesus say something about log in the eye?).  There are certain failures we just don't notice that we have.  For example, I know folks who would never purposely break one of the ten commandments, but they don't tithe.  I know some faithful tithers who never share their faith with others.   Some believers would never miss attending church but never lift a finger to help someone in need.  On and on it goes!

  All this blindness is where the cross comes in to play.  When we realize that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again we can begin to see.  We can know that being forgiven is far better than thinking we are perfect when we aren't.  The Holy Spirit can point out our shortcomings and the blood of Christ can wipe the slate clean!   This all happens when we give God our lives and ask Him by faith to reveal our sins and forgive them.  The amazing thing is that even if we think we have not sinned, we carry around the guilt of it.  We just have trouble identifying the cause of some of our problems.  We often think of the symptoms as the cause, rather than the result of our unease. 

 Someone may think that the pain he or she is feeling is the fault of God or their upbringing or a bad teacher or a judgmental pastor or bad luck or any number of things except their own.   These people refuse to take responsibility for the condition they are in.   When this denial happens, the condition will continue.  the secret is to understand that Jesus took the blame in our place.  It's OK to let the Holy Spirit point out our need and let the risen Christ change us.  Read Romans 8 and see that God is on our side.  He is for us!  Why be against yourself?  Take the blame, then turn it over to God.  He can take it.  And He can change you to the point that your faults become less and less. 

Let the Democrats and Republicans blame each other.  Don't you play that game.  God loves us all too much to leave us in our sins.  But He is too much of a gentleman to force us into His life-changing forgiveness.  Come to Him--He is already at your side.

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